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Why do I need to blog?

As soon as I hit the blue ‘publish’ button, I’m committed. Committed to a twice or thrice time each week I have to sit here and think up something someone in the world might want to read. Who do I think I am? Right? I started a blog back when blogs were cool. Yeah, that […]


Nashville Stops Talking

January 2, 2006 was my first day at WKRN News 2 in Nashville. And while I sat in the morning news meeting for the first time, I felt like I knew half the people in the room. Not because I grew up watching them on tv or because I had been watching the newscasts after […]


don’t get around much anymore

that’s an old Willie song, or maybe it was someone else. Yep, a lot of people did “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore,” but Willie Nelson’s version on Stardust was the first for me. What did that have to do with anything? I don’t know, I’m asking the same question. I used to write here quite […]

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Why you may be wasting a newsroom monitor

Look around the newsroom. How many monitors are tuned to your station? ¬†3, 4, 7? With the emphasis on web and facebook in every news department, do you have a monitor dedicated to your website? Can producers and reporters see the station website without looking at their own computer screen? Web isn’t just important to […]

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Phoners are Dead Jim

Dude, I hate phoners. There is a great scene from Murphy Brown where Miles is on vacation and he’s a witness to some big news story. I don’t remember if it was a coup or a storm or whatever, but he was the newscast “eyewitness”. They got him on the phone and was going live […]

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This Thing Still On?

I Googled myself this morning and found something interesting. This blog comes up near the top of the search results. That isn’t a good thing, seeing’s how I haven’t so much as posted or logged in here in 2 years. Who needs a blog when you have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+? Anyway, that’s where […]

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On Holiday

We’re off on holiday as the Brits like to say. Loading up the truck and headed to LA (lower Alabama) for some sun and sand (and maybe some oysters). What is it though about getting out the door and on the road? There’s so much yelling in our house this morning you’d think we’re going […]


Back To The Beach

“If we decide to go somewhere on your fall break, where would you choose?” My kids stopped what they were doing. A Corn Pop dangling from his upper-lip, Trey was speechless for a full 9 seconds. “I’ll give you a choice” I said, “Gatlinburg or the beach”. Now that’s quite a decision for my kids. […]


Whatever Happened To: Jason Standridge?

whatever happened to former Auburn football signee Jason Standridge?


Apple to Remove Adult Material from iTunes

Apple’s App Store is removing adult material.