So Long E

Great news for AT&T users. We should start seeing less of the Edge network when we drive from Memphis to Bristol. The company says it’ll add 20 new cell sites (we used to call them towers) and upgrade 525 existing sites to 3G. It’s part of a nationwide $18 billion build-out plan in 2010. A […]

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Snowed In: Day 1

We’re stuck. The roads are covered in snow and ice and rather than shovel off the driveway and slide our way UPHILL and then DOWNHILL to go anywhere, we’re staying put. But there’s this great hill on our street that is the perfect spot for sledding. There’s no grass to catch the blades, just a […]


diving into some research today on the future for the church and Christians in America. Lots of surveys. Lots.


Leno Isn’t the Cool Kid Anymore

Anybody see The Jay Leno Show the other night? Somebody at NBC must really be out to get him. In either a moment of in-house revenge or simple desperation, producers brought on Jimmy Kimmel for Jay’s “10 for 10” celebrity question segment. And it was brutal. TMZ  has the video here: Kimmel’s first  punch(line) was […]


News Director Stands Up to Lane Kiffin and UT

Did Lane Kiffin really have something else to say to University of Tennessee fans? If he did, why didn’t he say it?


re-arranged two rooms this weekend. Feels like we’re in a new house.


On A Slow News Day

Boy, this time of year is tough for a newsroom. No news may be good news but not for producers and reporters. There’s barely enough news out there to fill one newscast, let alone 2 1/2 hours. One thing I do every morning when I first sit down at the computer is to look at […]

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These Are Better Days

For the first time in at least 5 years, we made it through another year without major drama (job loss, move, illness, etc). Here is, in 3 parts, the year in review for The Tuckers.

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Facebook Hackers Adds Comments to Posts

We’ve all gotten those Facebook messages we think are from friends. “Is this you?” or “You weere caught on our secret cmera!” By now most of us know these are from hackers, gaining access to our Facebook accounts and then our passwords and finally our computer. Many Facebook users have figured this out and delete […]


Life Comes at You Fast

Whenever I watch my kids participate in a play or musicial or anything else really, I feel like I’m in one of those insurance commercials. You know, the “life comes at you fast” ads. I picked up a new video camera a few months back. It’s a Kodak Zi8 which shoots high definition and fits […]