Leno Isn’t the Cool Kid Anymore

Anybody see The Jay Leno Show the other night? Somebody at NBC must really be out to get him.

In either a moment of in-house revenge or simple desperation, producers brought on Jimmy Kimmel for Jay’s “10 for 10” celebrity question segment. And it was brutal.

TMZ  has the video here:

Kimmel’s first  punch(line) was a shot at Jay lying to Conan about giving the Tonight Show timeslot to him, and then taking it back. “Yeah, yeah”, Jay says. “That’s funny.” But Kimmel didn’t let up.

It reminded me of a locker room of athletes giving a teammate a hardtime for something clearly out of line. But then the star quarterback is ticked and almost in tears while everybody is, teammates and fans, are pointing and laughing.

Jay Leno isn’t a cool kid anymore.

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