Snowed In: Day 1

We’re stuck. The roads are covered in snow and ice and rather than shovel off the driveway and slide our way UPHILL and then DOWNHILL to go anywhere, we’re staying put.

But there’s this great hill on our street that is the perfect spot for sledding. There’s no grass to catch the blades, just a couple of driveways to dodge. Our friend across the street broke her arm last night hitting one of those driveway culverts.

Today there must have been 80 people going down that hill. I was about to setup a camera and laptop for a live UStream broadcast but didn’t feel like hauling it down there and finding a dry spot to put it on.

This video was shot with my Kodak Zi8 camera in 72p 60 fps.  To watch in HD, you’ll have to click twice and watch at YouTube.


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