Why you may be wasting a newsroom monitor

Look around the newsroom. How many monitors are tuned to your station?  3, 4, 7?

With the emphasis on web and facebook in every news department, do you have a monitor dedicated to your website? Can producers and reporters see the station website without looking at their own computer screen?

Web isn’t just important to TV news departments, we are headed in the direction that it is most important.

Take at least one monitor and turn it vertically or sideways and pipe your website to it. By turning a 47″ monitor on its side, reporters, producers, anchors and photographers will be reminded that the web is important by seeing the entire page. When they walk by or look up from their own computer screen they’ll be like, “hey…I forgot to do that.”

Pipe Facebook onto another, and Twitter on another.

News moves across Twitter more than the scanners. You wouldn’t turn those off would you?

Producers and assignment desk folks need to see the local twitter feeds.

By putting a visual emphasis on web and social media, the newsroom can better stay on top of what is happening, it’s also a reminder to everyone that the website needs constant attention.

who needs to see “The Doctors”, “Dr. Phil”, and “Judge Judy” all day?

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