Why do I need to blog?

As soon as I hit the blue ‘publish’ button, I’m committed. Committed to a twice or thrice time each week I have to sit here and think up something someone in the world might want to read.

Who do I think I am? Right?

I started a blog back when blogs were cool. Yeah, that was a long time ago.

I had just left (escorted from the building) the CBS affiliate in Memphis after 7 years as an anchor/reporter. I was home and needing a vent; Blogger, then WordPress became friends.

Back then, with a chip on my shoulder the size of a UHF antenna, I began to write. Not once a week but sometimes twice a day, and people read it.

In a way it was like standing in front of a camera again with people paying attention to what I was seeing and thinking. It was a nice replacement for the daily turning of news packages. It was better in some ways; no producer was ‘proofing’ my stories, no news director or ep told me what to write and there were no angry city councilmen/mom-done-wrong/school principal or health inspector I’d have to go face-to-face and toe-to-toe with.

Besides the lack of pay and benefits, it was perfect.

That was then. This is now.

Who reads blogs these days? If you’re interested in someone’s thoughts just “like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter”.

So why am I committing myself to another grueling challenge of posting to a blog when I sometimes have trouble typing in enough characters to reach the red-numbers on Twitter updates?

And what the heck am I going to blog about? Television news?? Who’ll care?

But check back every now and then. You never know, I might write something interesting.


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