The Bowls


I better be careful or this blog is going to be mistaken for a football blog.

But the bowl bids are out and Florida gets the chance to play for a National Championship. Lots of folks are still screaming for a playoff and I’d love to see at least one extra game to decide the champion.

But an easier fix for the NCAA football mess would be to require every BCS conference to have a conference championship like the SEC, ACC and Big 12 have. If that were the case this season we could have seen a Michigan-Ohio State rematch plus the top conference champs would be easier to spot for the NCG.

The non-championship bowl game I most want to see? Arkansas-Wisconsin in the Capital One Bowl. Most forget the Badger’s only loss was a close one to Michigan. Arkansas looked like the real deal against Florida. Mark this one as a must-see.

Alabama without Shula will go to Shreveport for the Independence Bowl. That’s good for the team and I’m sure the fans are happy to see the Tide play, and Shreveport may be a nice place in late December. I’ve never been there.

But what kind of city could it be with this link on the city’s main website?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    if the big ten had divisions and all that like the other conferences, you probably would not have seen a osu-michigan rematch in a conference title game. it wouldve probably been osu-wisconsin. so michigan still would have been shut out.

    but i agree that all conferences should have a title game.

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