Don’t Give Up on Television Yet!

The Nielsen ratings are in and guess what: People are watching television more, not less. 4 hours and 49 minutes a day we watch the boob tube and that’s more than any other year since 1991-92. This is good news for broadcasters who’ve watched, or at least have been told that they’re watching the audience […]


This Just In….

For me, one of the coolest things as a tv news anchor  was when a producer rushed into the studio with fresh wire-copy.  Our teletype machine had warning sounds when there was a weather alert, or news alert. When something big happened on the national or state level, we’d all read the words as they […]


Local TV Sports Department Replaced by Radio Hosts

WGCL in Atlanta just announced it will turn over all of its sports reporting and coverage to the hosts and reporters working for a local sports talk radio network. Here’s the coverage from the Atlanta Business Journal: “This new relationship will make CBS Atlanta and Sports Radio 790 The Zone Atlanta’s best source for sports […]

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My Favorite Interview

When I heard Garth Brooks announced he is out of retirement and preparing for an extended string of shows in Las Vegas it made me flash back to 1990 and my favorite interview of all time. Ask most reporters in Nashville who their favorite person to interview is and they usually say Garth Brooks (I’ve […]


#emmy the funniest stuff of the night, comedy writers who wrote their own intros. Conan ignoring facebook requests. A+++


Good for Ken Howard. I always thought he deserved an #emmy for “White Shadow”


The best reality show just won the Emmy for best reality show. “The Amazing Race” returns next Sunday.

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H1N1 Now Has Our Attention

No more pig jokes. Swine flu may be a lot more serious than health officials say.

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Fun Friday Pic

Glanced at the odometer this mornig before heading out for my story and got a chuckle. I know, I’m 13 years old.

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Story on New SEC policy on Twitter and Facebook

Behind the story: the SEC reversed a decision to ban Twitter and Facebook from inside stadiums during games. There was no news release but the conference released the information in a tweet. I didn’t have anyone to interview on camera; Vanderbilt’s SID wasn’t familiar enough with the policy change to talk about it. Other than […]