A great Sunday. NASCAR finish, PGA championship, Sunday night church with Denver and the Mile High Orchestra.


Willie Herenton is a Stinkin’ Genius!

The general opinion in Memphis is that former mayor Willie Herenton has lost his mind. First, he retires from the post he’s held for 428 years (seems that long anyway), then he picks up paperwork Thursday to possibly throw his hat into the ring of a special election that must be held to replace him. […]


Disappointed. No emotional parents with cameras. Not one. Story angle changes.


They May Have to Hire a Manager Next

Ran across this item tonight on Probably Bad News. yup. this apparently has been making the rounds for quite a while. Check the date: April 2, 1998. or is that 4:02  in the am/pm and 98 degrees?

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The “Some Kind of Wonderful” John Hughes

Sad to hear of John Hughes passing on Thursday. I would hazard a guess that I’ve watched more of his movies than any one else on the face of the earth. Growing up in the 80’s you couldn’t miss his movies. “Pretty in Pink”, “The Breakfast Club”, “Vacation”, “Planes Trains and Automobiles”, “Uncle Buck”, “Home […]

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AP’s New Policy Aims to Cut down Blogger News

Careful what you write out there in blogger-world. The Associated Press is watching…and waiting. The AP has felt cheated from the first time the first blogger took something out of a newspaper and put it in quotation marks on their blog or website. They’ve taken it on the chin for long enough, now they want […]


1-2-3 Flash Mob!

The Nashville Farmer’s Market was flash mobbed last week by The Circle Players. If you don’t know what that is or who they are, watch the video. It’s pretty cool. [youtube=]


Why Tom Watson Needed to Win The Open

I needed Tom Watson to win the British Open. Not because I had money on the tournament or any vested interest in Watson. I needed Tom Watson to win the British Open because I’m watching other parts of  my childhood fade away. Notice all of the irony here: when Tom Watson won his first Masters, […]


Lionel Richie singing “Jesus Is Love”. My favorite and most overlooked Commodores song. Could funeral turn into revival?


When is Extensive Coverage TMI?

How much information do you really want about a news story? In the case of Steve Mcnair, who was found shot to death with a 20 year old woman in a condominium in downtown Nashville Saturday, people seem to want to know every detail. But how far will the media go covering the personal activities […]